(may be triggering, i do not promote self harm or anything. this blog is to express how i feel, how others may feel and to help me cope. I apologize if this blog may trigger you)
Her name is Selena.She's different, she puts others before herself even when she is hurting and can not hang on anymore. She cares about all of you but never herself. She just does not think she is worth it. She understands even if you think she doesn't. She spends her days in her room crying, trying to put an end to her pain ,staring at what she did, she lays down and she cries herself to sleep.Yet she tries to stay strong, please stay strong with her, Don't leave her. Need someone to talk to?Talk to her, she cares about you so much ♥ Yours truly; ♥Selena♥ ♥(xodreamkiddxo)♥

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